Take Back Program

At Recreative Apparel, we always put sustainability at the core of everything we do.

Taking good care of an item of clothing can help to significantly increase its lifespan, which is why we are sharing some tips for taking care of your Recreative garments - or any other products for that matter - so they stay looking great for as long as possible:  

  1. Follow the care label instructions
  2. Wash clothes in cold water
  3. Use a mild laundry detergent
  4. Skip the dryer – air dry if at all possible
  5. Treat stains right away
  6. Repair damage
  7. If you have an item made by us that is beyond repair, email us at hello@recreativeapparel.com . Please include your name. We’ll send you some return instructions. We'll recover and remanufacture the material into a new product, and we'll award you with a coupon that you can use to save 15% off your next purchase.

In summary, wear your Recreative Apparel clothes, love them and once you are done with them, send them back to us, get a sweet reward, and we'll repurpose or recycle them, leaving nothing to waste!