Why Shop RA

Leave an impression with a low-carbon footprint.

Recreative means to create anew, to refresh by way of relaxation or enjoyment, to restore physically or mentally. Recreative Apparel means committing to sustainable practices to create exciting fashion pieces that make people (and the planet) happy. It means redefining how we see and conduct ourselves. It means owning our uniqueness and celebrating the things that make us different. It means recreating the mold.

Sustainability or bust.

There are 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet, and once it’s made, it never goes away. Not in your lifetime, your children’s lifetime, or your grandchildren’s lifetime. It floats in our oceans, damaging the reef and killing marine life. It piles up in landfills with the rest of our consumer waste, a permanent reminder of our cultural impulsiveness. It’s unsustainable, and it needs to stop-- we need to stop.

Until we find a way to eliminate the plastic we’ve created, we must do everything we can to keep it out of our landfills and oceans. Fortunately, we have a plan. You’ve probably heard of it: reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle!

The aim here at Recreative Apparel is to create colourful, stylish, eco-friendly athleisure wear that is durable, functional, and sustainable. Our goal is to go out of business...leaving behind a planet without plastics. There are a lot of sustainable fashion brands out there, but we think we’re the only one that wants to run itself into the ground.

Unapologetically bold.

We want to make the most of our time while we’re here. We manufacture our pieces with the best materials we can find to give you the best performance possible-- but a well-rounded life is about more than performance. That’s why we make sure our styles are incredibly fun (and flattering) to wear.

Each piece is engineered to be versatile, stylish, and practical, because we want you to look as good while you work out as you do going to and from the gym. Run errands in your favorite outfit, or head straight to brunch after a yoga session. Recreative Apparel pieces have been carefully designed so you can wear them regardless of where you’re going. You’ll stand out...but in a really good way.

Small but mighty.

Social change is only possible when like-minded people stick together. The journey towards sustainability is long...but you seem like just the kind of company we need. We know Recreative Apparel is only a small piece of the global puzzle-- but we all need to start somewhere. The support we offer to one another sends a clear message to others that they need to follow suit.

We’re ready for a world where all fashion is made sustainably. We don’t mind the competition when it’s for a cause this important! Please join us in our mission to ditch plastic whenever you can, and repurpose what’s already here. Together we can make a big impact!